Current Investment Opportunity 

Multi-use housing and commercial area development

$15M Focused buy-up and development

Projected IRR: 18%

Projected equity return >3x

Timeline: 5-7 years

Current Projects – In Progress

[2×2  photo grid, pictures with title only, no links]


RV Park, South Austin

13 acre Rv park development

Site acquisition, development planning, construction

Projected IRR: 

Projected equity return >2.5x

Timeline: 3-5 years


RV Park Storage, South Austin

3.3 acre RV storage site.

Site acquisition, site conversion.

Projected IRR: 

Projected equity return >2.5x

Timeline: 3-5 years

  1. [IMAGE: “ BUDA 1”]

RV Park @ Buda, TX

54 acre site.

Site acquisition, ossf, development, construction

Projected IRR: 

Projected equity return >2.5x

Timeline: 3-5 years

  1. [IMAGE: “Ramsey 1”]

Ramsey Ranch, Creedmoor Tx

102 acre residential site.

Scope-Strategic planning for 72 residential lots. Preliminary plat. 

Projected IRR: 

Projected equity return >1.5x

Timeline: 2-3 years

Past Projects

[2×3 photo grid, pictures with title only, no links]

  1. Stinson Oaks, Austin Tx. [IMAGE: “PAST 1”]

Residential platting of 8 acre parcels into 47 townhome pad sites. Sold to Milestone homes in 2014 as paper lots. EM 2.1 IRR 28%

  1. Stinson Business Park, Austin Tx.[IMAGE: PAST 2”]

3 acre mixed use industrial complex. Scope handled- Site acquisition, Etj development permit, ossf, water quality pond, warehouse construction. Built in 2016. Assumed equity multiple if sold per appraisal 2019 2.83, assumed irr 41.55%

  1. Hillside Terrace, Buda Texas.[IMAGE: ‘PAST 3”]

31 acre RV park entitlement. Scope- Site acquisition, entitlement, liquidation. Sold in 2019. Equity multiple 2 IRR 25.92%

  1. 1200 StageCoach, Kyle Texas.[IMAGE: ‘PAST 4”]

61 acre shopping center/multi family project.

Scope- site acquisition, road and gas line Eminent domain proceedings, PID and TERZ formation for sewer line.

  1. Constellation Atx, Austin Tx [IMAGE: ‘PAST 5”]

6.4 acres land, multi-family.

Scope-  site acquisition, engineering, offsite utility planning. Sold in 2020. Equity multiple of 3.2 Irr 39.4%

  1. Stinson Yard, Austin Tx [IMAGE: “PAST 6’]

2 acre industrial conversion to hospitality tenants.

Scope- Site acquisition, site planning, utility connections, stabilization. 


Future Projects 


[Copy listed, no images, no links]

  1. Funded: Austin NNN 2020 Dev Fund – Blend of single family, multi-family, RV park development. $10.2M equity with cash and debt raise
  1. In progress: Austin NNN 2021 Entertainment Bar distritrict development Fund. $20M equity raise
  1. Coming soon: Austin NNN RV Fund – Group of RV parks development & operation. $30M equity raise